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Solidarity: A Socialist, Feminist, Antiracist Organization (United States)

Solidarity was formed in 1986 by seasoned socialist activists who acknowledged that the small forces of the U.S. revolutionary Left faced an acute crisis. We hoped to create a revolutionary socialist organization that could avoid sectarian maneuvering, lack of internal democracy, hostility to outside ideas, and unrealistic expectations of social upheaval in the short term. These pitfalls had limited the impact of many vanguard-style groups. Most of the founding members developed this critique through their own involvement in one of a few predecessor organizations.

While holding a range of opinions as to the exact character of the Soviet state, these founding organizations agreed that the USSR was definitely not a model for socialism. Solidarity’s decision to remain “agnostic” on some issues, in order to prioritize common tasks, was a departure from the legacy of destructive splits and faction fights within the revolutionary Left. Instead, Solidarity’s founders developed twelve key points of agreement to serve as a guidepost for analysis and action, rather than having a position on every issue under the sun. We also hoped that this policy would aid in the goal of further regroupment with other organizations and collectives of revolutionaries. Solidarity also recognized the need for self-organization and democracy within a revolutionary socialist organization. Therefore, Solidarity has caucuses open to comrades of color, women, queer people and youth.