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UNITED STATES - Elections and Undocumented Immigrants

Ilka Oliva Corado

Friday 15 April 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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In any country, under any circumstances undocumented migrants are always the hardest hit of the system. Invisible as people and visible as booty. Undocumented migrants are beneficial to the country that forces them to migrate; in exchange for this ingratitude their country of origin receives remittances which serve to keep the country afloat. The transit country that disrespects their human rights and freedom of movement (kidnap, torture and disappear them), also takes advantage of them. And finally, the country of arrival that eventually becomes the country of residence also takes advantage of them.

A clear example of this is the crisis being experienced in Europe that in a show of inhumanity is closing the doors and leaving them to their own fate. Strictly speaking of forced migrations in Latin America, the ones from Central America Northern Triangle and Mexico seeking to reach the United States stand out. It is a perennial crisis because of US interference with Operation Condor and the neoliberal governments that emerged as a result. Currently it’s a system that marginalizes and oppresses them. Corrupt governments and lackey in character.

In the United States undocumented immigrants are indispensable as cheap labor, but excluded as human beings. They are denied employment benefits and their human rights abused. During presidential elections they take on a high profile and become the most precious booty both to Democrats and Republicans. Continually they are brought up in debates, interviews and meetings. Some in favor and others against: In words because in deeds both parties abuse them and benefit from this form of slavery. The Democrat is not a leftist party, much less socialist as many believe. It’s as stubborn as the Republican, without going so far there is the "legacy" left by Obama, who’d better return the Nobel Peace that was given to him.

The media sympathetic to the system would have us see the elections from the perspective that suits them. On the one hand it covers absolutely everything concerning Trump. Trump as a political candidate is a creation of the media rather than the millionaires who support it. The media do the editing, raise the tone, make him popular, and throw him to the masses. Arguably to favor Hillary Clinton, and maybe that’s the game but they never imagined that with Trump, the racial hatred and xenophobia that has always existed in Anglo-American society, would arouse. And his supporters would not be hundreds, but thousands of them. In retrospect, the play was as follows: to create a wave of anti-Trump reaction, put Sanders out of focus, and lead the masses towards Hillary Clinton.

At first they said he was crazy. No, Trump is not a crazy man. Crazy and a dreamer might be Bernie Sanders, but Trump is an extremist fanatic like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Sanders is not top quality, is not the ideal candidate but is the closest to the image of a government that would refrain from interfering in the political affairs of other countries. That is, to stop invading territories and conduct genocides and crimes against humanity on behalf of white supremacy. It also offers solution consistent with the country domestic politics. The Sanders followers are the crazy dreamers that in the US are so scarce.

Another thing is happening with Hillary Clinton who -as Obama for being black (in vain)- is idealized for being a woman. It is her time, is the argument put forward. Yes, it is time that the United States has a female president, but not Hillary Clinton. The cards are marked; it is a well-known fact that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency. It is the candidate proposed by the system and she will defend it tooth and nail. The US society is one of the most polarized in the world, because the capitalist system using consumerism as his lethal weapon. It has them very well entertained with vanities so that they are unable to think and act politically.

Unless the youth react and take a change of direction at the last minute and vote for Sanders, which is something very unlikely to happen. The vote does not change from one day to another and minds that have been worked for years are already well suited to a kind of fanatical thought, the case itself in response to media coverage. And in this case Hillary Clinton is calling the shots, because her husband who was president and for the role she has played in the US government for decades.

Of course a very important factor is the nerve she’s had to declare herself a feminist, with this she has in her bag the thousands of American women who long for equal rights. (Unfortunately even Dolores Huerta). She makes use of feminism in the same way as the Immigration Reform and the subject of deportations. With this she has made strides in both sectors of society. Sanders have much to say but the media do not cover him, why? Because his proposals are against the system, and if he becomes the president and keeps his word many things would change for the majority in the United States and in foreign policy.

Meanwhile Trump is declaring to be completely against the Latin American immigrants. No wonder that just a few days ago the Border Patrol made a declaration supporting him. The Latin American community which is the largest minority in the US is vital for the elections. For that reason Univision which is the most watched channel by the Latino community in the United States conducted the Democrat debate in Spanish. Their top executives are Democrats, anti-Latin America and anti-Cuba.

Jorge Ramos (who was one of the moderators) had an ace up his sleeve and the crowd following the debate on television did not even notice that they were being duped in the easiest way. He said at the start that his daughter worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And Jorge Ramos is a well regarded journalist by the community; his voice transforms the masses into puppets and handled them at will. Ramos is anti-Cuba and against progressive governments, is a journalist who acts on behalf of the system.

Besides being unethical the comment favored Hillary Clinton over Sanders. And I alluding to it in this article because it was manipulation and you have to report it. Hillary Clinton agreed to deport the children and adolescents who entered the country last year in the so-called crisis of children traveling without an adult. Needless to say that it was a crisis created to implement the Southern Border Plan and the Maya-Chortí, which have militarized the borders -from the southern US border to Honduras- and has only served the Mexican immigration authorities to further dehumanize the treatment of migrants in transit.

In the debate Sanders left the moderators and the anti-Cuba attendees speechless when he spoke of Operation Condor in the region and US interference not only in Latin America, specifically he said in Nicaragua and Guatemala. He’s against the blockade the United States has imposed on Cuba and calls for the closure of Guantánamo; meanwhile Clinton supports the US interference in the region. What feminist would agree with that? No a real feminist.

It is important to point out the fundamental role played by the Guatemalan migrant Lucia Quiej who denounced the mass deportations of parents. And there are thousands like her. We’ll see how deportations increase when Hillary Clinton win the presidency. She represents the continuity of the system in its entirety, being a woman doesn’t mean anything, both Hillary as a woman and Obama as a black man are related to oppression. Will the outlook change in the coming months? Will the American society wake up and go for an even bigger turn voting for Sanders? Will there be a utopia in a country like the United States after Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X? What is the future for undocumented migrants? When will the millions of undocumented workers awake and make feel their human value?


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Translated by Marvin Najarro

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