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Venezuela and the Power of International Capital

Ilka Oliva Corado

Tuesday 7 June 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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At the IV Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Rafael Correa was clear when he proposed to replace the Organization of American States (OAS) by the CELAC. It was a very appropriate proposal. Remember that the CELAC is an organization that was created in 2011 at the initiative of Hugo Chavez, who suggested replacing the OAS by an entity with the same members but without the United States.

The reasons are obvious: Latin America is not the backyard of the United States and much less his dunghill; it has the ability to form an entity with its own development model, away from the interference of international capital that foment coups and military invasions. The work of the OAS is to destabilize progressive governments in Latin America, to manipulate and to give continuity to the interventionist agenda that the US has in each country. It has nothing to do with democracy; it is above all a conspirator entity.

It has its pretty record in meddling, but takes the trophy for its insistence with Venezuela. The Latin American right wing does not remove the finger from the sore spot, it wants to see the country plunged into poverty and turned into an albatross: It wants Venezuela to return to the past. There is no reason to activate the Democratic Charter in the country, what’s really happening is that, there is an economic war and a media terrorism campaign propelled by international capital against Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution; the Latin America lung.

Invited by the Venezuelan right, Albert Rivera came to visit Venezuela, he is the leader of Ciudadanos, faithful prototype of the Spanish right: he arrived with his eleven sheep to discuss human rights and demanding the release of criminal masterminds like Leopoldo Lopez. On what moral basis does Albert Rivera speak of human rights, when the Gag Law that denies freedom of expression to the Spaniards is still in force in his own country? And on top of it, to ask for the freedom of a murderer and conspirator who should be paying a life sentence for the pain caused to so many families and for high treason. Does this Spaniard believe that Venezuela remains a slave country? The Spanish genocide in Latin America will not happen again .

Why he didn’t go to Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras or Mexico to talk about human rights? To Peru, Paraguay and Argentina? Why precisely Venezuela and at this moment? Why he did not go to Brazil to denounce the coup against Dilma? I mean, because if we talk about oppressive governments in Latin America there is a bunch of scoundrels ... Venezuela is experiencing a media and economic steady attack, and you have to have a cool head in order to not be swayed by media manipulation.

It is the international capital against Venezuela. Not even the Latin American right, (Uribe and retinue) in partnership with the United States, it is the international capital. It is a real empire, the monopoly against the model of the Chavista revolution. It is the world oligarchy against the people in full swing, and it will try to find every means to sink it. The economic war is self-explanatory: from it branches off the wave of killings, interventionist demonstrations, looting, and the attempt to activate urgently the Democratic Charter. The global journalism is at the service of manipulation.

The only reason that is still in force the decree signed by Obama against Venezuela two years ago, is to prepare the way for Hillary Clinton to order a military invasion. That’s why Joe Biden’s statement accusing the Maduro government of violating human rights, intimidating and silencing opponents. He then called for the immediate release of Leopoldo Lopez and Ledezma. Biden also referred to the shortage of food, water and medicine, and the violence including killings.

What does Biden have to tell to the families of the victims of guarimbas favored by Leopoldo Lopez, the international right and the United States? What does he have to say about that who orchestrated a coup against Maduro? What would Biden do if Ledezma comes to his country to promote a coup against Obama? If Leopoldo Lopez organized a revolt against the US government, on US soil, and this leaves a toll of several people killed? Maduro, because he is a good man that respects human rights, has only imprisoned them. The United States after taking them to Guantanamo would have already killed them, and would have presented them to the world as terrorists.

Why does Biden speaks about human rights when in his own country the police murders blacks every day in wave of racial hate crimes? If his government continues to apply the Cuban Adjustment Act to destabilize Cuba, if it does not remove the blockade on Cuba, if it’s still deporting thousands of undocumented Latin Americans, and it has created the Southern Border Plan and Maya Chortí between Mexico and Honduras to violate -kill and disappear- migrants in transit from the militarized region? To continue hemorrhaging Mexico with genocide. All this is disguised as the war against drug trafficking. Biden should deal instead with the internal politics of its own country and stop sticking his nose in Venezuela.

No neoliberal and capitalist government have the moral authority to talk about human rights, much less to encourage interference in countries seeking their own development since emancipation.

Venezuela does not live under any dictatorship, Maduro is not a dictator. Here they are telling us the story the other way around, is precisely because the development that the Chavista Revolutinon brought to Venezuela that international capital wants to strike it down and leave the country in misery, so that the transnational corporations and the global oligarchy can take the gold and oil back into their hands. To implement again an oppressive and extractive system. So that repression make its comeback against freedom of expression, and political and community leaders disappear. To promote all at once decades of setback in the country, making it unable to develop and fight for its rights.

It is not by chance that Macri has authorized a US military base in Argentina; that Peru asked for the installation of a FBI base in its territory. Should Keiko Fujimori win the presidency in Peru, neoliberalism –far from free market, as they want us to believe- would further entrench in the region. It would open up more space for more military bases in the region, and would encircle Venezuela. The same in Brazil if the coup against Dilma removes her completely from the presidency, and assumes a neoliberal government until new elections.

The saddest part of all this is that the most affected will be those who have been always trampled on by the oligarchies and the caste system. That bourgeois and middle class hatred, with their lifelong indifference, who does not want that those that have never had anything regain their dignity with a government that make them visible and provides resources for a comprehensive development: a plate of food, a fair salary, an educational and health system. A government that invests in infrastructure, culture and sports. These are the achievements of the Chavista Revolution that are there, but the media coverage intentionally hides. And these are the achievements that the international right and the unstoppable and relentless economic warfare are trying to nip in the bud. Call a spade a spade. Maduro’s government is not perfect, there are many questionable things and they can be improved, but he is not a dictator.

Let us not be indifferent, do not pretend not to see, not to realize the struggle of the Venezuelan people to continue on the path of liberation, because it has shown to Latin America and the world that the Chavista Revolution is the boiling blood of those who once were vilified. Let us not be ungrateful feigning with our silence, our indifference and our double standards. That what happens to the other also affects us directly and that must move us to engage, to question and to action: to mobilization.

Even if we don’t know it yet, or don’t want to accept it, if Venezuela falls down we all will meet the same fate. They are not going after Maduro, they’re going after the achievements of the Chavista Revolution. They are not going after Venezuela; they’re going after the Patria Grande. The power of international capital should know that if they mess with Venezuela they mess with all of us: it should be our watchword against neoliberalism in the region, and as brothers we should take care for each other. Do not forget that the Venezuela Chavista has always stood up for us.


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Translated by Marvin Najarro

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