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COLOMBIA - The No, Triumph of the Oligarchies

Ilka Oliva Corado

Wednesday 12 October 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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Latin America is still crying tears of blood, how many centuries in agony? The No in Colombia is the result of decades of media manipulation, the particular agenda of Plan Condor has been applied to the letter in the country with the modalities of time and technology.

War is always more profitable than peace for the oligarchies. In all wars is always the people impinged on their rights who provide the corpses. It is more profitable for the big global mafias to maintain impunity structured in a false fight against drug trafficking, because there are millions of dollars that move above and under the table which go to the hands of a few and well installed families, in politics and the Colombian oligarchy, and of the region. And to disguise these transactions is the job of corporate journalism, unethical and of double standard. The media responsible for the brainwashing and manipulation. In charge of eradicating all traces of oppression.

As a proof in the country, the Colombia Plan, whereby the United States funded a deadly drug war against narcotrafficking. Fifteen years in which the country was militarized and, as collateral damage hundreds of girls, adolescents and women were raped by US military and the Colombian paramilitaries, abuses that remained unpunished. The same strategy is being implemented in the Northern Triangle of Central America with the Plan Alliance for Prosperity, and Plan Merida in Mexico, not to mention the Southern Border Plan and the Maya-Chortí, whose central axis is: the alleged fight against drug trafficking. But we all know which one is the iguana’s chewing side.

In Colombia entire peoples have been displaced, without food, without work, homeless and without clothes. Civilians tortured, massacred and disappeared by paramilitaries. Colombia is dotted with clandestine graves, as a truthful proof of the genocide of the last 40 years. The No it’s not a surprise, because the middle class in Latin America has always been manipulated due to their lack of identity, sense of belonging, and their insensitivity. Due to their lack of humanity and common sense. The No and abstention is how the middle class says: we do not care about the country, nor we do about the welfare of the most abused by the system. While we aren’t bothered inside the bubble in which we live…

The urban middle class, bourgeois and oligarchs who do not suffer from paramilitary ambushes and are not forced to rush out of their homes and looking for other places to save their lives. They do not suffer the shortcomings of a State which starves the marginalized by the system. Which denied them education, health, security, and an integral development for a healthy living. Abstention in this case is like having voted No. It is like to humiliate again, to spit in the face; it is like backstabbing the people that has experienced firsthand the horrors of war. It is to rape girls again, to torture again, to create clandestine graves, it is forcing entire villages to segregation again, and it is to force to migrate. It is opening the doors to the United States to continue its interference with the pretext of fighting drug trafficking, which the rightwing point out as guerrilla’s job.

There is no single reason to say No to the signing of Peace in Colombia, because signing it is the beginning of a rebuilding process, if done in good faith and for the good of the people and no for the profiting of small groups. Only callous, inhuman, ignorant, manipulated, and evil people can vote No in a country pleading for a halt to the war. Having voted No, or abstaining is an irresponsible act toward the mother land. It is disloyalty to the children’s rights to dream and to live in peace. With the grandparents who have every right to live the golden age peacefully.

The No in Colombia, the coup in Brazil, and in Honduras, and in Paraguay, the neoliberal governments in the Northern Triangle of Central America, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, are the result of the excellent implementation of the agenda of the Condor Plan in each region, and its armed wing is its alleged fight against drug trafficking (before it was its fight against communist guerrillas). The ace up its sleeve has always been the corporate media.

Anyone who does not have the guts to speak face to face and say he voted No, or abstained because his inhumanity is bigger will look for countless pretexts, and among these, he will say that he wasn’t going to give his vote for the guerrillas to live free with impunity, and on top of it to have political rights (as it should be), because the dead… when they give a damn about the dead. The dead have always been provided by the people. More than one will mention Fidel, Raul, Chavez and Maduro, “those red guerrillas and dictators” that had to do with the Signing of Peace. And out of their bitterness they will spit out their ignorance, their colonized mind, and will expose their puppet’s behavior, manipulated by a system that use and then discard them.

The No in Colombia is the momentary triumph of the oligarchy and the United States, but Latin America continues to resist, and the Colombian people is no exception. The Patria Grande is used to the backstabbing; one more won’t make it to fade away. The Peace in Colombia will come, as it will come one day in every corner of Latin America. For our dead, for our martyrs, for the children, for the green fields which will bloom in the valleys and hillsides.

A loving embrace to the Colombian people, to those who have fought for this Peace and who have cried and yearned for it.

Translated by Marvin Najarro.

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